Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

What U.S. stocks should you buy in a dalling global Economy?

Various recent reports have been giving cynical outlooks on the global economy. Organizations like the IMF have indicated that the international economy has been on a weakening trend.

The growth forecasts for some of the major economies around the world have also been unimpressive. At such times, an investor looking to get into the market has to make some shrewd decisions.

The U.S. stock market remains to be the most vibrant in the world. But investing in this market also requires some proper insights on what stocks are likely to return a profit. Although tech company shares have dominated the top 10 lists on the stock market in recent times, they are not the most attractive anymore. The following is a quick look at some of the stocks you should consider in the falling global economy.

Target Corp. (TGT)

One of the most important aspects of Target stocks is that they are set to continue rising in value soon. This is because of the company’s strategic decision to focus its growth in new frontiers. For many years now, digital platforms have presented opportunities for companies in virtually all industries. Not many retailers have been willing to focus on the e-commerce market though. Target is a leader in incorporating the digital market. With services like shipping being added, the store is set to experience new growth. This corporation is thus a great choice for any investors involved in day trading and other forms of investment.

Cigna Corp. (CI)

In the health sector, Cigna is a major player. This company leads the pharmacy and care market in the U.S. The company has been performing well despite the recent upheavals in the market. Cigna continues to maintain strong investor confidence and its business ambitions have not been altered.

The company recently made some acquisitions that are also performing well in the market. Various indicators in the market also continue to give Cigna a thumb of approval. The corporation is thus a good choice for any investor looking to get into the health realm.

Corning (GLW)

Corning has been on the glass industry making products for leading companies for years now. This company has managed to stay at the top in its industry and investors have not withdrawn their support from it. With a continuously diversifying portfolio, Corning is unlikely to be affected by any upheavals in the global economy. The company has not only managed to move from the glass sector as its fundamental focus, but it has also explored new opportunities in related fields. Analysts have also been giving the company positive outlooks and it is a definite choice for investors looking to get into this market.

Hess Corp. (HES)

This company has managed to whither the storm that has defined the oil stocks market. Over the year, the shares from this company have seen an immense rise. With the peak of economic uncertainty being at least over a year ago, the company can only be expected to continue to rise. There have been some solid market moves by the company behind this success. The expansion has been at the core of ensuring the stability of the company in recent years. With proper balance sheet management tactics, the company has also managed to keep its shares attractive. With up to 40% of competing companies seeing falling dwindling fortunes, Hess Corp. is a unique choice.

General Dynamics Corp. (GD)

General Dynamics is another company that has great prospects for the future. This company specializes in producing defense systems and technologies. The company has seen strong growth over the year and it has been touted as a strategic investment choice by analysts. The company has a wide range of defense products under its portfolio. It has also been on an acquisition run which allowed it to grow in revenue. Today, the company has a buy rating of 207 by Zacks estimates. It thus presents a great investment choice for individuals and other kinds of investors looking to put their money into a performing company.

The stock market remains to be a key destination for investors. Revenues in this market can range from 9% or more annually depending on the stock selected. A proper analysis of the market is important before investing though. The above companies are some of the best you can opt for in a global economy that is declining.