Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

What lies beyond the technical rules of street photography?

In a world where nearly everything is about technicality, the unique art of street photography still demands thoughtful and manual stimulations and brilliances. The concept of street photography has been around for quite a long time now.

However, with the increase in the talent pool of street photographers, it is becoming a typical and saturated expertise. Viewers are now influenced by what is completely ‘out of the box.’ This is precisely where street photographers need to ‘think out of the box’ too!

Following the rule of thirds, golden ratio the framing and the composition is not adequate to make your creations extraordinary. Influencing minds of your audiences shall be the foremost motive of any photographer and for that non-technical or innate skills are inevitable. It is imperative that you try to improve your skills beyond what the fundamental and usual rules of street photography holds and here’s how!

Keep posted about recent happenings

Street photography is all about the moment. You got to take advantage of each opportunity, that comes your way. But if you are a professional or simply want to get terrific photos, you simply cannot wait forever for one good opportunity. Hence the best way to hunt them down is to be updated about the current happenings in the city, about the lifestyle, about the millennials and more. Also, try to be updated about the interesting as well as uninteresting places around the city. You never know what you get to capture where. So cherish your time exploring these places with your cam.

Timing – The key to successful street photography

If you look at the works of some of the top photographers who had literally made history, there was one thing that was common in all of them and that is timing! A photographer often has to make himself believe that he is holding a gun to literally shoot. If you are able to capture the right timing, you are half the job done. But it is a challenging skill to acquire when it comes to photographing an event in a saturated and hyped up street environment. This shall come by practice.

Set your own paradigms

There are many online sites, books and pages from where you can take inspiration for your knack for street photography. These sources are excellent to polish your existing skills but make sure you set your own trends rather than just following them. For instance, if your sense of aesthetics states that the creases on the curtain or untied ribbon on a braid look natural, go by that instinctive feeling!

As said and done, there are many online photo editing software and tools that he twenty-first-century technology has presented. You can take advantage of those as well to add a fine tune to your creations. So, get ready to kindle the spark within and yes definitely do not forget to embrace the bad photographs. As a diamond doesn't start out polished and shining from the very beginning!