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What impact will GDPR have on HR processes, rules and regulations?

Companies will need to meet enhanced privacy and data protection standards within the HR department, who constantly collects and processes personal data of prospective and current employees, making it a main focus when preparing for GDPR compliance.

Talmundo, EU-based provider of online onboarding technology, gives companies clear guidelines to that effect, including:

  • How employers should provide more details to employees regarding the data being held about them.
  • How employers must give employees access to the data being held about them
  • Employers must clearly explain employee rights, including their rights to withdraw consent and lodge a complaint regarding data processing.
  • Consent and contract must be separate, meaning every new hire should be given consent forms separate from their employment contract.

From an organisational standpoint, Talmundo also outlines the way companies can prepare to implement these new procedures during the pre- and onboarding boarding process to ensure that the entire employee experience is smooth and efficient. Having implemented their own GDPR recommendations within their software, they communicate clearly to onboardees on consent, their right to data access and provide clear terms and conditions to all users.

Want to find out more? A spokesperson from Talmundo is available for comment, with the company also making its GDPR whitepaper and case study available for review.