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Webinar presents a best practice approach to video interviewing

A best practice approach to creating and implementing data-driven video interviews will be provided in a 60-minute webinar on 21 March, by assessment specialist cut-e.

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Aimed at recruiters who either use or are considering video interviewing, the webinar will highlight the benefits of data-driven video assessment. It will explain how to avoid the pitfalls when setting up video interviews and what to consider when choosing a platform.

Presented by Dr Achim Preuss, Chief Technology Officer at cut-e, and David Barrett, cut-e’s Chief Commercial Officer, the webinar will clarify the implications of the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). It will also examine how video assessment will evolve in the future, with the growth of artificial intelligence and automated scoring.

“Video interviewing is increasingly used as a preliminary screening tool, particularly in high-volume recruitment campaigns,” said Lena Justenhoven, Senior Consultant at cut-e, who will host the webinar. “It offers the logistical freedom to conduct many more candidate interviews and to quickly and consistently assess each person’s suitability for the job. However, great care needs to be taken to ensure that the interviews are job-relevant and that unconscious bias is kept out of the process. This webinar will present a best practice approach. It will clearly explain how video interviewing can add value by helping you to make fair and objective selection decisions in your organisation.”

Called ‘Video Interviewing: Everything you should know and what the future holds’, the webinar will be held at 11.00am CET on Wednesday 21 March. To register, please visit http://bit.ly/2FywqhQ