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VIP Innovations with 360 Solutions


VIP Innovations, LLC, a Washington, D.C.-based training and
consulting company, has recently teamed with 360 Solutions,
LLC of Waco, Texas, in order to offer High Performance
management consulting, training and assessment tools. VIP
Innovations consults with management and develops
customized programs designed to align strategic and
organizational goals, to instill a sense of ownership
throughout, to improve employee moral and ultimately to
stimulate productivity. The High Performance suite of
materials and processes are an outgrowth of thorough
research, field testing and broadly applied experience.

As a manager and leader in a multi-million dollar sales
organization, I came to understand the challenges
associated with implementing new policies, practices and
techniques within a ëtraditional'' organizational paradigm,
states Eva A. Jenkins, founder of VIP Innovations.
Effecting change is one of the most difficult and daunting
tasks a manager faces. Consequently, there is nothing more
rewarding than seeing client companies succeed as they work
to refocus business strategies and positively redirect
human capital.

Through its affiliation with 360 Solutions, VIPInnovation
provides best in breed programs and resources geared
towards enhancing job content, redesigning organizations
and developing ''High Performance'' teams.

Chip Wilson, CEO of 360 Solutions states, High Performance
systems are designed to create organizations where each
person is a contributing partner to the business. This
model requires managers to have trust and respect for the
team and, likewise, that employees work as partners. They
understand that their contribution makes a difference to
other members of the team and their actions or lack thereof
impact the overall business. Roles and responsibilities are
much broader and more meaningful in scope than those in a
traditional organization. In a High Performance
organization, teams of co-workers participate in goal
setting and job content development. This includes defining
customer satisfaction objectives and their roles in
achieving them through direct customer involvement.
Individual contributors are empowered to make day-to-day
tactical decisions. In this environment, managers are
relieved of having to deal with constant micro issues and
instead can fulfill meaningful roles as facilitators and
coaches, and focus on setting higher level goals and

VIP Innovations and 360 Solutions believe that the
challenges of a dynamic economy and marketplace require
organizations to invest in people to ensure success.
Building High Performance teams is the focus of the
organizations'' efforts. Rather than structuring
organizations around narrowly defined jobs that
differentiate labor and job functions, fragment the
workplace and create us-and-them environments, this
approach emphasizes multi-level planning and collaboration
processes in which people can see the results of their
contributions. Entrepreneurial spirit, company pride and
ownership, self-motivation, efficiency and productivity are
the results.

Products and Services
VIP Innovations is a training and consulting company
serving the needs of new and existing business with
products and services that focus on personal effectiveness
and change management. Our fundamental purpose is to help
business people recognize opportunities and to solve
organizational problems, making them outwardly focused and
less preoccupied with day-to-day operations. VIP
Innovations offers four basic product lines:

Workshops - 30 different topics designed to improve
personal effectiveness and productivity.

High Performance Training - Multi-module programs delivered
over an extended period of time focused on leadership,
sales, team building, and high performance.

Consulting - Utilizing tools from 360 Solutions; we do a
thorough organizational assessment and offer strategic
design support.

Employee Assessments - Tools (including web-based) for the
evaluation of personnel in various career stages.