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Tribunal fees were denying access to justice and needed to change - CIPD

Commenting on the Supreme Court judgement on Employment Tribunal Fees, Rachel Suff, employment relations adviser at the CIPD, the professional body for HR and people development, said:

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“The judgement signals a welcome end to the current tribunal fee system. Given the staggering drop in claims since tribunal fees were introduced in 2013, it's clear that the fees were denying access to justice for many people. Sadly, this suggests that some perfectly valid claims have never been heard.

“If we are to build more open, inclusive and tolerant workplaces then workers have to have the ability to enforce their employment rights and challenge discrimination. It is clear that, not only was the current fee regime failing to provide that opportunity for redress, it did not enjoy the confidence of employers either, as shown by a recent CIPD survey which showed just a third of employers believe the fee system should be left as it is.”