Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

Traffic to jobsites varies across Asia - 07/2001


Traffic to jobsites rose in Hong Kong and Taiwan in April, but fell in Singapore and Korea, according to NetValue.

Almost 50 percent more Internet users in Hong Kong visited employment sites in April than had in March, but the increase in traffic was much lower in Taiwan. Traffic to jobsites in Singapore and Korea dropped by over 4 percent.

Taiwanese Internet users spent the longest time at jobsites at an average of 37.5 minutes per user in April. Hong Kong users were next at 25.8 minutes, followed by Singapore at 18.6 minutes, and Korea at 15.9 minutes.

The most popular employment sites in April were in Taiwan, in Hong Kong, in Singapore, and in Korea.

Visitors to jobsites were most likely to be male and aged between 25 and 34. Between 22.1 percent and 39 percent were students (depending on the country) and few were professionals, except in Singapore.