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Topjobs Takes ABC Audit - 07/2000

Figures Show Usage Increase

Topjobs On the Net, one of the leading UK Job Boards, has been audited by ABC Electronic. Though the ABC organization is pre-eminent in the offline traditional media sphere, it is yet to crack the online world - thus far Topjobs and Jobpilot remains the only e-cruiters to have allowed the auditors in.

The March 2000 audit of Topjobs shows a 117% increase on June 1999 figures which verified total page impressions during the audit period 1st - 31st March at 3,254,069 page impressions, with 628,811 visits - a 24% increase on January 2000. Don McIntosh, Top Jobs UK General Manager enthused In recent months there has been tremendous growth and activity in the on-line recruitment industry. As one of the first recruitment web sites in the UK, we were ideally positioned to ride this wave and have outstripped industry wide growth. ABC Electronic's certification is just recognition of our leading position in the on-line recruitment market place.

Though the ABC direct audit shows a clear growth in hits on Topjobs over the past year, the verification lacks the force of other, internet orientated watermarks. RMS Mediatech, the established auditor of Online Recruiters produces regular surveys of e-cruiters, and has so far audited 20 sites. Matthew Wheeler, Research and Planning Manager at RMS said I think that the ABC verification is very useful, but we go into more detail with a larger number of sites.