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Third edition of the HR Hackathon this November in Berlin focussing on TA Tech

HR Hackathon is coming back to Berlin on 16th / 17th November. In this 2-days event, HR professionals, HR Tech experts and software developers work together in mixed teams to create and improve HR Tech. For the third edition, the focus will be on TA Tech.

At the end of day 2, the project teams pitch their prototypes in front of the jury. The 3 best projects earn a prize.

To realise this event, sponsors can bring in their tech, part of their tech and product management teams and much more. The HR Hackathon is an international event, where TA Tech companies from everywhere will collaborate closely with mostly German TA managers. They will learn what the real HR pain points are in this country and will understand how HR works in Germany.

The HR Hackathon is organised by Eva Zils from Online-Recruiting.net.

How did Eva, the event creator, come up with the idea of the HR Hackathon?

During an interview for Online-Recruiting.net, the US-American interviewee said that it was impossible to put recruiters and developers in the same room. They were just not capable of communicating with each other.

Eva accepted the challenge and thought that this was well worth a try, especially with German recruiters who are different from their US counterparts. She also aimed at having people from different backgrounds (nationality, culture, skills and jobs) work together to create something useful.

Inviting HR and tech people into the same room to develop new HR tools looked like the perfect match to create HR Tech that was built by exactly the people who would use it.

What is the HR Hackathon goal? Learn from Tech & HR and share knowledge

Worldwide, there are many HR Tech start-ups and they continue to multiply. VCs show more and more interest in HR Tech, both on a start-up and more mature company level.

According to Roland Berger’s report, The German HR Tech market is projected to be worth 1.7 bn EUR by 2020. It will be mainly growing in the strategic HR segments (recruiting, performance and talent management, L&D and employee collaboration and engagement) with an annual growth rate of 13%.

Internationalisation, expansion strategies and localisation with the different markets are key to drive growth nowadays. This is particularly true for those countries where labour markets are candidate-centric rather than employer-centric. To help HR Tech providers to determine the best strategy to enter the given markets, they need to understand the needs and challenges of the people in HR who will use their software.

Germany is a very hot HR and recruitment market. At the same time, it is very different from other countries when it comes to HR and to addressing HR professionals. Selling to German HR is not an easy, straightforward task.

The HR Hackathon will give international HR Tech companies the opportunity to get instant feedback and actionable insights from German HR managers. Moreover, in the third edition, the focus is on Talent Acquisition managers who are usually more tech-savvy than most other German HR practitioners.

At the same time, participants will network and learn from both each other and internationally renowned speakers. The current agenda lists topics from Tech Recruitment strategies, Meditation for Business Sessions, Inbound Recruitment Marketing tactics, an agile HR workshop and many more.

Who will come to the HR Hackathon?

100 participants will gather in Berlin on 16th/17th November. They will be a mix of HR Tech companies and start-ups (10%), international HR Tech experts (10%), software developers (40%) and mostly German TA managers (40%).

All participants wish to push the limits in HR and drive innovation in HR & Tech. The people gathering at the HR Hackathon are great networkers, who exchange at eye-level. During the past events, all were highly inspired and impressed by what the teams would accomplish in only 2 days.

Your benefits by participating in this event in a nutshell:

  • Bring your team & tech to learn what German TA managers and developers make of it
  • Pitch your own challenge
  • Network with and learn from the best
  • Present your brand and products to a tech-savvy community
  • Get instant feedback and insights from your target user group
  • Connect with like-minded people who want to push innovation in HR

For more information, please visit: https://de.slideshare.net/EvaZils/hr-hackathon-2019-event-sponsoring-informationv2
Our Event Page: www.hrhackathon.net
and the official video: https://vimeo.com/164529791

Contact details:

Eva Zils
Mobile : +33 (0)684889833
Mail: eva@hrhackathon.net