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Taking forward the creation of a new European labour market - 03/2001


Anna Diamantopoulou, EU Commissioner for Employment has announced a Communication ensuring the new European labour markets are open to and accessible to all EU citizens. The Communication will form the basis for discussion on Europe's labour markets at the forthcoming Stockholm Council.

Speaking at Forum Europe conference - 'Online Recruitment in the E-Economy' - hosted by StepStone, Diamantopoulou commented that the communication will focus on five key issues currently facing a truly European labour market:

- Qualifications
- Professional barriers
- Compatibility between diverse tax and benefit systems
- Accessible and comprehensive information about mobility
-Making a reality of life-long learning

Welcoming the announcement of an EU task-force to address labour issues, StepStone CEO Giles Clarke said: StepStone is the only European online recruitment portal which operates local language services in all EU member states. We are committed to encouraging the mobility of labour: our users can access any job, any time, anywhere in Europe. I am delighted that the EU is investing the time and resources needed to turn Europe's jobs strategy into a reality.