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Survey reveals high levels of job satisfaction among quality professionalsUK shifts into less productive work: Comment from Dropbox

Chris Noon, Teams and Data Scientist, Dropbox responded to the findings

“These new data from the Office of National Statistics are a stark reminder that the UK has a mountain to climb to address the productivity challenge it is facing. Our own research recently revealed that just a fifth of UK employees never do their best work, and nearly three quarters said that they don't work to the best of their abilities even once a week. If we’re really going to address the productivity challenge in the UK, business leaders need to take a hard look at how their teams work each day and how effective their workflows are.

“Individual productivity ultimately comes from being happy, motivated, and focused in our roles. We know so much about what makes us happy and motivated—what inspires us—outside of work. But we have failed so far to bring these lessons into the workplace, and too often the way we work stifles our ability to be productive. Perhaps if business leaders focused on unleashing the potential of every individual and team in their organisations, we would be in a better position to tackle the broader productivity challenge”.