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Some notable gender biases that are prevalent in job interviews

It can be recalled sometime ago that an anti-diversity mail was sent out at Google.

The employee who sent the mail made claimed that the gender gaps at Google were due to the biological differences between men and women, advising the company to go back on its diversity hiring process. 

Regardless of the outcome of the employee's future at the company, in which a lot of people won’t mind betting on if the employee was fired or retained, this ideology is not exclusive to just Google. Meanwhile, those interested in placing bets can go one better by trying out their hands on online blackjack.

It's now a no-brainer that the gender-based diversities in hiring programs is due to the biases that women supposedly encounter in the course of a hiring process, specifically during interview processes.

These biases can hinder their chances of landing the job positions they're qualified for. Find below, two gender-based biases and why they are uncalled for:

1. Biases which surround parental responsibilities

It must be understood that it's not legal to ask women if they have kids or harbor any future plans to become mothers in the course of job interviews. Questions surrounding their marital status should not be encouraged either.

Regardless, assumptions abound as there are some thoughts that women will have to leave work early to take care of their children. There is also the assumption that women would go on extended maternity leaves after childbirth.

However, the truth in modern times is that a significant number of couples share the parental responsibilities that avail themselves in a home and thus enables both parties to balance work and home responsibilities. The only sorry fact is that men in the same shoe rarely encounter such stigma during job interviews.

2.  It must be understood that gender has no influence on job performance.

There are gender-based differences which are usually associated with the ability to successfully carry out job responsibilities. This must be marked off as ignorant thinking.

A workforce that comprises a decent ratio of women to men folks comes with a lot of advantages. This is because people who come from different backgrounds and possess notable biological differences will proffer their unique expertise and skills and this results in the success of the company significantly in the short run and in the long run. Therefore, this assertion and assumption is invalid.