Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

Softserve goes live on Workday

We’d like to inform you that SoftServe, Inc. today announced that it has successfully deployed Workday Human Capital Management (HCM), Workday Time Tracking and Workday Cloud Connect for Third Party Payroll.

As SoftServe plans for rapid growth in the coming years the organisation needed an HR system which could cope with these plans while standardising HR processes globally through a single system.

SoftServe successfully completed its Workday implementation on time and on budget in less than six months, making the technology available to more than 4,500 SoftServe employees in 30 offices across nine countries. With over 24 years of experience in consulting and software development, SoftServe delivers digital solutions for tomorrow’s needs. SoftServe transforms the way Fortune 500 and ISV clients do business across Big Data, Internet of Things (IoT), DevOps, digital commerce, security, and experience design. The company is globally headquartered in Europe in Lviv, Ukraine, with a US presence in Austin, Texas.

Phase I of the Workday deployment included  Workday Human Capital Management, Workday Time Tracking and Workday Cloud Connect for Third Party Payroll, with Phase II seeking Workday Projects, Workday Recruiting, and Workday Expenses (tentative in or around autumn 2017).

The Workday implementation replaced three different custom solutions, enabling SoftServe to have  complete visibility of its employees, including all people-related transactions and important HR data which are aggregated in real-time data through dashboards.

Furthermore, Workday’s mobile option gives all employees access to Workday from anywhere and on every device – flexibility the organization requires to operate as an agile business.

Comments on the news

“Finding and deploying one HR system which covers all aspects it takes to support our growth while making us even more agile was crucial. We found that in Workday who understands that while the system has to be highly performant it is being used from living and breathing people who expect an intuitive and consistent user experience,” explains Stuart Logan, Chief Human Resources Officer at SoftServe. “The real time reporting and analytics and quick modification of HR processes, all delivered through one technology platform enable us to make data-based decisions and bring our company forward within months not years.”

“Like many companies in the services business that understand that excellent projects require an excellent and motivated workforce, SoftServe trusts in Workday to scale their internal expansion and deliver an excellent digital HR experience,” explains Christoph Kull, Regional Vice President at Workday, DACH region. “They recognized the need to deliver a high quality experience to their employees and to provide managers with the insights they need to recruit talent, put together the best teams and react quickly if changes are required.”