The recruitment platform has successfully launched and attracted over 20,000 student job seekers across the UK in just 8 months.

To pursue this website phenomenon, founder Jack Tang, a London internet entrepreneur, postponed his degree at King’s College London for the time being. is an innovative social network recruitment site with a key value proposition: to connect quality local student applicants with local businesses at short notice.

Launched in October 2011, the site is a platform for job advertisement, candidate acquisition and talent management. It built up its own social network with each recruiter and applicant represented by professional profiles.

A personalised job feed automatically informs job seekers about positions that are of interest to them. Through this, the application process is shortened without compromising transparency.

Instead of long cover letters and CVs, enables candidates to apply for new vacancies within clicks.

Applicant profiles contain a short personal statement, a profile image, education / employment history, previous ratings from other employers on the platform and even a 30 second video CV.

“We’re trying to break the tradition by moving away from outdated CVs to a more efficient and interactive way to select potential candidates” said the website’s founder Jack Tang.

Beyond its own social network, it operates across other networks including Facebook and Twitter. Thanks to its own recruitment apps, over 1,400 applicants for this Summer’s London Games were recruited successfully within 4 week as well as 300 applications for the BRIT Awards were received within only 72 hours.

“The underlying purpose of our platform is to deliver relevant content efficiently to potential candidates and local businesses via the web, social network and mobile phones, using the right digital channels at the right time” said CTO, Giles Williams

Compatible with business of all sizes, you’re able to get started with a listing advertising a one-off job for as little as £4.99 / vacancy and a part time role for £9.99 / vacancy.

The start-up company has other ambitious plans ahead with their first iPhone App launching later this year. 

With cutting-edge features soon to be available on their iPhone app and the pilot schemes they’re currently undertaking with their very own White Label solution, the digital recruitment landscape will be a totally different ball game in near future.

For more information visit: or call 0203 384 0698