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Skillsoft Announces General Availability of New Immersive Learning Platform, Percipio

Ties rich content to create the best learner experience and drive greater business impact

Skillsoft, the global leader in eLearning, announces general availability for Percipio, the industry’s first immersive learning platform. Percipio delivers a simple and intuitive design to engage modern learners with a consumer-led experience to accelerate learning.

Percipio is designed to meet the needs of the modern learner, allowing them to take advantage of pre-curated channels, micro-learning courses, and offers them the choice of where, when, and how to learn. Percipio offers learners choices of how to access content, including ebooks, audio books, videos, and courses.

“Traditionally, Skillsoft has been focused on content, but the learning experience is just as important. For that reason, we decided to build a world-class immersive learning experience, not just content delivery. The launch of Percipio delivers a state-of-the-art learning platform – with market-leading content – which will drive learning, inspire users, and deliver measurable impact to the organisation,” said Larry Neal, president and CEO at Skillsoft. “The reaction from our clients has been overwhelmingly positive and we see this as a huge endorsement of our vision of delivering beautiful technology and engaging content.”

“By using Elastic Search, Percipio provides the kind of experience that market-leading consumer websites provide. In addition, the auto-complete search options make it easy to see other popular search terms to check out,” said Helen Sussex, director of Global Learning Design and Creation, Culture and Experience CoE at CGI.

Percipio provides more than 450 channels that have been developed by curating more than 50,000 competencies that have been mapped out by experts and aligned to skills valued by leading organisations.

“The curated learning paths will help my learners self-direct their learning, which is part of the cultural change we are trying to build inside our organisation, and will also help the curators more easily assign learning to fill key skill gaps. This will save us time and talent curating internally in the organisation. Also, this helps ensure that our people are following best-of-breed learning paths,” said Laura Garza, executive director of Human Resources & Talent Development at Praxair.

Additionally, with new intuitive dashboards, administrators can create and assign learning paths to visually monitor progress using charts and graphs, and to link learning to business objectives, thereby quantifying programme value.

“Percipio is designed to address the user challenges that Skillsoft has identified in the market. These challenges include curating learning assets into channels, using personalisation tools and other consumer-driven approaches to engage employees, using data visualisation tools to deliver more insightful reporting, and ensuring interoperability and accessibility through the use of industry standards,” said Kate Worlock, vice president and lead analyst, Outsell, Inc. “Skillsoft’s willingness to bring new offerings to market, demonstrates not only its ability to listen to its customers, but also its willingness to invest in solutions that may even compete with its own existing, well-established offerings.”

To learn more about Percipio, visit www.skillsoft.com/percipio.