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Scaling new heights with vertical networks - The Onrec Online Recruitment Trade Conference 2017

AIRS will be speaking at the upcoming Onrec Online Recruitment Trade Conference on the 12th July 2017 in London

Onrec will be hosting an afternoon Onrec Trade Conference which will give online recruitment suppliers, job boards and other online recruitment professionals a fantastic learning and networking opportunity. 

One of our sessions is titled Scaling new heights with vertical networks

Laura Stoker, Executive Director of Global Training, AIRS, Powered by ADP

The landscape of social media networks has evolved significantly in the past few years and there is a new and growing segment of online sites that professionals are migrating toward.  These sites are both social and professional in nature and can be classified as vertical networks.  Some of these sites have been around for many years, while others have been newly created.  They are attractive to individuals who want to network with people that have similar professional experience and who are perhaps disenchanted with the big general networking site.  Moving forward, it’s important for recruiters to know that these sites exist and to understand how to appropriately use them to locate specialized candidates.  This session will explore various vertical networks and best practices for sourcing candidates from these sites.

Other speakers include:

Session: The AI explosion and its impact on the jobs market

Osborne Clarke
Session: Online Recruitment Legal Update: Discussing the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Session: Online Recruitment Market Overview - In-depth analysis of 500 job boards

Saferjobs & Metropolitan Police
Session: Ensuring a SAFER Job Search: How Government & Law Enforcement are helping Job Boards for free!

Tickets are £95+VAT. Please email stuart@onrec.com to book or book here