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Recruitment Trends in 2019: 5 Things That You Should Know to Stay in the Loop

It is widely understood that looking for a job is a job in itself.

Accordingly, there are numerous tips for how to conduct oneself in an interview so as to be the successful candidate. What most people have ignored for a long time is that even finding a competent employee to fill a vacancy is also quite a task. In recent years, employers have realized the importance of taking the recruitment process as seriously as a job seeker should take an interview. This article discusses five things that recruiters in 2019 should know so as to stay in the loop.

1) Allowing work flexibility

A majority of the employable workforce consists of people who have a sort of permanent commitment. For example, students who have to attend school and parents who might have little children to take care of. These people are often very well qualified. The fact that some of their time is spent doing something else should not discourage an employer. Allowing people to combine work and their other commitments comfortably give employees a sense of focus because they do not worry that they are being negligent of the other aspects of their lives.

2) Offering a positive employee experience

The current generation values personal satisfaction. On top of earning a salary, employees want to work in an environment where they feel appreciated and cared for. It is therefore necessary for employers to develop and maintain a reputation of being a good employer. In 2019, being a good employer is as much a part of a company's brand as the quality of the goods it produces or the services it renders. It determines the caliber of employees that a company attracts and at the end of the day, determines the quality of the personnel working at a company.

3) Appreciate the value of employees' referees.

In the ordinary course of events, the recruitment process involves meeting strangers and trying to assess their suitability for a job. One of the easiest places to begin to know the person is by looking, and if necessary, speaking to their referees. Referees give a recruiter a wholesome view of a candidate by providing a personal account of them.

4) Adopt Technology

Branding, marketing and even accounting are processes that are now largely automated. Internet platforms such as https://www.improvepresentation.com/blog/best-powerpoint-templates have made workplace presentations easy and accessible. In addition to all this, incorporating technology into the recruitment process would be an advantageous thing to do in 2019. It would allow you to interview candidates who cannot attend the interviews physically. Besides, vacancies posted on social media would reach a very wide audience, thus giving you a large pool of candidates.

5) Watching out for Soft Skills

Soft skills such as people skills, adaptability and creativity cannot be adequately assessed by reading a resume. Recruiters must look for them when they meet the person physically. These skills carry a lot of weight in the modern world because it is a dynamic world. It requires employees who can learn easily and a natural curiosity would do them some good. Recruiters in 2019 need to put as much weight on educational qualifications as on personal attributes which distinguish a candidate.

Recruiting in 2019 requires one to understand the attributes of the current generation. Let your job offerings match the aspirations of your organization as well as those of your potential employees. The tips listed above should help in making sure that your employees share your vision.