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Recruitment site specialist Clario expands - 11/2000

Web design and consultancy agency grow

Clario, the web design and consultancy agency that specialises in recruitment websites, has expanded into larger offices. Managing Director Ross Watson, who set the company up in 1998, stated: We have experienced a growing demand not only in web design and production but also in consultancy services regarding which portal sites to use, integration of recruitment software systems with the web and web marketing strategy.

One of the most important features of our company to our clients is our previous working experience in recruitment and web design. It gave us a massive insight into how the industry works and significantly reduces the amount of time that clients have to spend with us in creating an online presence. Clients are rarely looking for an 'off the peg' web solution, it is always the case that they are looking for something unique and innovative which will put their site above and beyond their competitors. Our previous working experience within the industry allows us to understand our clients' business and create solutions fitted to their processes and systems. This move will allow us to expand to meet the growing demand of our existing and new clients.