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RChilli & RippleHire: An Association to Reshape Recruitment

RippleHire is a cloud-based hiring platform that helps companies hire top talent effortlessly.

Company Profile

RChilli Inc.

Known for their award-winning gamified referral solution, they are pioneers in marrying referrals with experiential rewards and shaping how companies source top talent using their workforce.

Their core belief is that it is not too much to expect one employee to give you one candidate in one year. This changes the way how companies source and hire for top talent.

RippleHire chose RChilli to help companies improve their quality of hire, time to hire and cost per hire. RChilli is a CV automation company which is known for providing parsing, matching and enrichment to every recruitment management system.

What Were the Key Challenges?

  • Customers loved RippleHire as a referral solution and wanted them to help with their end to end application tracking.
  • Customers wanted to add resumes from non-referral sources like job boards effortlessly.
  • Providing quality candidates within a short span was the primary objective of the company.
  • They chose RChilli’s resume parser to meet all these challenges.

How RChilli Helped?

  • RippleHire can now easily parse resumes and get the extracted data in 100+ fields. These fields are usually defined as name, contact details, education, experience, skills and many more.
  • With the ‘bulk upload’ feature, parsing multiple resumes in one go has become easy.
  • RippleHire does not have to convert resumes into a standard format to check candidate information. With RChilli’s parser, resumes of all document formats can be easily parsed. These formats include doc, docx, rtf, html, pdf, etc.
  • RippleHire parses resumes in real-time which means that the parser takes less than a second to parse a single resume.

What’s the Outcome?

  • RippleHire now provides an amazing user experience to its clients.
  • With the right recommendations of candidates, recruiters can close jobs at a faster pace.
  • Proper segregation of candidate information makes it easier for the recruiters to choose the right fit. This results in the right hiring decision.
  • RChilli has been very helpful for RippleHire in offering a streamlined solution to its clients.