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RChilli Provides PopSockets Data Migration Solution

RChilli is a leading recruitment analytics solutions provider which helps businesses across the globe CAPTURE, MANAGE and ANALYZE resume/CV data. Its solutions are designed to streamline the recruitment process through Resume Parsing, Semantic Search-Match, and Resume Enrichment.

Company Profile

RChilli Inc.

It is offering a quick solution to PopSockets to manage their data effectively. PopSockets LLC is a Colorado-based company that designs, manufactures and sells innovative products that merge function with self-expression.

With a lot of old data lying in the database, the company wanted to migrate it to Greenhouse to streamline its recruiting operations. They wanted to adopt a solution which could ease down the process of data migration.

Data migration is crucial for every organization as it transfers data from various sources to any target. This helps you in keeping all your data on one platform. Quite often, a lot of data is lost in this process. Also, incomplete and wrong information about the candidate is another outcome of an unplanned process. The technical transition required for this transfer poses a challenge in front of the recruiter. Managing the technical issues is another time-consuming task which can be frustrating for the recruiters.

RChilli is helping the company streamline its data migration process. In fact, it is offering a complete solution to deal with most of the challenges faced while migrating data. It facilitates the company migrate their data in an automated way. Now PopSockets can transfer data from any source such as email inbox, a folder of CVs, etc. Any new update is also easily handled, ensuring smooth functioning of data transfer. With this intuitive solution, PopSockets is witnessing a drastic reduction in the cost of transferring data. The recruiters now enjoy a quick synchronization of candidates and jobs data. This simplification saves a lot of time of recruiters and fastens the recruitment process.

Data migration is a solution which every company needs while onboarding. In the coming future, RChilli is looking for partnerships with more such clients. Providing a solution for transferring data is its main forte. Currently, it is helping many clients across the globe migrate their old data to a new system effectively.