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Qikker turns the tables on recruitment policy - 11/2001

(ASP) based human resource management services

Qikker Solutions Ltd has launched a new range of application service provider (ASP) based human resource management services.

HR personnel work under the pressures of time and with systems complexity, this leads to insufficient planning - with skills remaining unmonitored, competency records patchy and recruitment processes reactive - therefore recruitment costs increase and quality becomes a concern. You canít control what you canít measure!

Qikker Solutions provides a pragmatic and innovative human resourcing solution to combat these issues.
Qikk HR Select - most recent addition to the Qikker portfolio is a modular service package enabling the development of a proactive recruitment strategy. The creation of a ëtalent poolí holding both internal and external candidatesí information leads to immediate time and cost reductions.

Through ëgap analysisí clients can correlate existing skills sets against forecast requirements, resulting in proactive and cost-effective recruitment and staff development strategies.