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Put staff interviews on the record and reduce tribunal risk

Ministers have vowed to end employment tribunal fees after the Supreme Court ruled they were ‘inconsistent with access to justice’. A significant increase in claims from employees, who would previously have decided against pursuing an action, is expected once the Government removes the fees.

Facing this increased risk, means organisations should press record more often according to Maxine Park, solicitor and co-founder of transcription services provider DictateNow: “Now is a good time to make recording employee interviews part of your organisations standard procedures.

“Recording all interviews with staff, like appraisals, grievances, disputes, etc. helps avoid conflicting reports of who said what, which could prove invaluable in the future. And it need not be seen as a bad thing, if done openly and transparently, with transcriptions of the conversation offered to those involved.

“A detailed sound recording of any disciplinary hearings, that can be replayed at any time, will also help organisations avoid claims they mishandled the process, which has generated a huge number of employment tribunals in the past. The answer is simple. Press record.”

The article will cover:

  • Description of the process
  • Best practice and maintaining confidentiality
  • Why using external providers is safer
  • Options when more people are involved

The author: Maxine Park specialised in commercial litigation and was made partner at her firm in 1992. When Maxine had her first child she worked from home. After the birth of her second child, she left legal practice, attained a PGCE and lectured law to legal executives, HR personnel and journalism students.

She launched DictateNow with husband Garry, to offer an enhanced and efficient transcription resource to businesses in a wide range of sectors including legal, medical and accountancy.

Maxine’s experience as a solicitor and home-working parent directly led to the formation of DictateNow which currently employs hundreds of home-based typists across the UK.