Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

Public sector goes online - 10/2000

Job website for largest employer in Europe will provide - for the first time ever - a single centralised point of contact for job vacancies across the whole of the public sector.

The British public sector is the single largest employer in Europe: it directly employs over 25% of the UK working population. Hundreds of job vacancies are posted every week in different parts of the country. But they do not always reach the right candidates in either the public or private sectors. At present there are 18,000 different departments within the public sector, each advertising its job vacancies separately and engaging individual recruitment agencies, making it a costly, inefficient and timeconsuming exercise.

With the increased emphasis on human resources that the Government has placed on the public sector, it has become essential to employ the best possible candidates. But as yet there exists no coherent structure to recruit these candidates across the country.

Using 750,000 of custom-built software, will provide this structure. The only company to specialise in public sector recruitment on this scale, it will deliver a radical job searching service that is unsurpassed in the marketplace, saving time and taxpayers money. It will cut government recruitment costs by up to 50%, and help the government meet its own target of providing all its services on-line by 2005. has been set up by European Career Systems plc, a joint venture between plc - the UKs leading specialist recruitment website - and Public Sector Information Group Ltd (PSI Group), which has been at the forefront of understanding the public sectors needs over the last 10 years. The combination of the two companies expertise in online recruitment and knowledge of government creates a very powerful & dynamic opportunity to harness the right skills for the right jobs in the public sector.