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Pre-screen final year students - 12/2000

Virtual reality with CareerFever

CareerFever, originally a Dutch new media start-up, mainly develops web-based recruitment solutions that help graduate recruiters streamline their first selection of applicants.

The company has developed a virtual reality building, where students are able to visit prospective employers and take virtual interviews. As, it is near impossible to run graphics of such high quality on a website, the entire concept is supported by a CD ROM.

Naturally, we would have preferred to release our product on DVD, says Nico Schuurbiers, one of the directors. The disadvantage, however, is that the majority of students do not have DVD access as of yetî. Students can objectively orientate themselves to find out which companies truly correspond to their preferences and capabilities, and offices can be furnished exactly according to the companies wishes.

By distributing the CD free of charge to all final-year students, the companies are guaranteed to directly reach their entire target audience. A psychological barrier is removed: direct feedback is given and only relevant profiles are passed on.