Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

PlanetRecruit expands - 10/2000

Premier Recruitment focuses in on Ireland

Planetrecruit the UKís premier international recruitment site, has expanded its service to incorporate over 2,000 top jobs in Ireland.
Ireland is now high on the list of destinations for those wanting to advance their careers particularly in the IT sector. With many of the large multinationals investing heavily in the country, the opportunities are now immense. From talking to its agency base, PlanetRecruit discovered that Irish jobseekers are no longer needing to turn to the UK and beyond in search of the ideal job to utilise their skills, there a more than enough opportunities available right on their doorstep.
PlanetRecruit takes a unique approach to bringing such Jobs to both agencies and jobseekers, acting as virtual meeting place, tailoring its service to meet the needs of the two distinct audiences.
It is for this very reason that PlanetRecruit has attracted so many customers -the growth in Ireland has brought the global number of live jobs on offer to well over 80,000, and rising.