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Pimlico Plumber case shows clarity in employment status is needed more than ever

After the news that a self-employed plumber's battle for employment rights has been taken to the Supreme Court, contractor tax adviser, Qdos Contractor has again called on the Government to simplify confusing employment status legislation.

The leading tax specialist stated that a Pimlico Plumber's fight for basic worker's rights highlights the need for clarity when it comes to defining a self-employed worker, gig economy worker and employee, particularly given ongoing IR35 uncertainty.

Qdos Contractor CEO, Seb Maley, commented:

"Following recent Uber and Deliveroo verdicts, the Pimlico Plumber case is yet another example of why employment status legislation must be simplified. With the lines currently blurred, it makes it incredibly confusing for the growing number of self-employed and gig economy workers to know where they stand with regards to employment rights.

"Recent changes to IR35 in the public sector also strengthens the argument for a simplification of the rules, given that it is clients who now decide a worker's employment status for tax reasons."

"With the prospect of IR35 reform reaching the private sector as early as April 2019, the need for clear legislation defining the differences between a self-employed worker and employee have never been greater."