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Overcome Reneged Offers

We hope you've had a great recruitment season with lots of offers made even earlier than usual.

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If so, then you might now be worrying about how you keep your offered candidates engaged so that there's no drop off before they start working with you. With average reneged offer rates increasing to 15% there's no better time to act now to ensure your candidates remain motivated and excited about their future careers with you. 

Doing more with less means many employers don't have the resource to dedicate to this important activity. If you find yourself in this situation then Amberjack’s scalable and cost-effective onboarding solutions can help provide an immersive and fully branded experience for your candidates. 

Amberjack's new digital onboarding solutions are cost-effective, modular and tailor-made for your exact needs and budget so that your candidates benefit from smooth, immersive and engaging experience. Using Amberjack’s innovative and effective tools we ensure that you engage with onboarders from the moment they accept an offer to the day they start. 

If you would like to be doing more than you have capacity to be doing so that your hard work does not go to waste, get in touch with Amberjack and find out more about engagement and pre-onboarding support solutions. 


At Amberjack we’ve long been setting the standards in future talent and volume recruitment. Our advanced systems and intelligent solutions are designed to deliver the ultimate candidate experience. From intelligent attraction to RPO and bespoke assessment and selection tools, we’ll work as an extension to your team. Building a solution that fits you. We’re a passionate strategic partner, focused on not only optimising value, but creating tools and processes that will deliver results. We are the quality behind the quantity. We do what’s right for our clients and their candidates. We don’t know any other way.