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No tea making for graduates - 12/2000

Economic growth fuels demand

There has been a stark contrast in the attitude of this year's crop of graduates toward prospective employers, according to specialist recruitment consultancy Media Contacts.

Compared to graduates leaving university 3 or 4 years ago, when most job seekers looked for a job from the standpoint of 'What can I offer a potential employer?' These days the general stance is 'What can a potential employer offer me?'

Jessica Beattie, head of the graduate division, says this marked change in attitude is a direct result of the sustained period of economic growth, fuelling demand for graduate trainee, which has outstripped the supply despite growing numbers leaving higher educationĂ®.

Students graduating this year saw themselves entering a buoyant job market, with a lot of opportunities and numerous options available to them. Three or four years ago, there were less opportunities and most graduates felt they were up against a much higher level of competition from their peers looking for their first job.