Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

Niche careers that have a great future

If you are struggling to find work, thinking outside of the box is a great way to land a job. Being prepared to try something new and apply for unusual roles means you will be competing with far fewer job seekers.

Work in the signage industry

Signage is something that everyone needs. Without signs, our world would be far more chaotic and different to navigate than it is. We would really struggle without signs. So, it is an evergreen industry that is well worth getting involved in.

Getting involved in the sector does not mean you will spend all day running a printer or press. Even a company that sells signs needs admin personnel, salespeople, cleaners, an HR team and more besides. If you have the right qualifications and experience this is an industry that offers a good level of security and, often, good pay.

Become a wind turbine engineer

Right now, there are relatively few wind turbines in the world. But, there soon will be. The industry is growing at a phenomenal rate.

Every single one of those wind turbines needs to be erected then maintained. So, becoming a wind turbine engineer would be a smart move.

Take a job in the funeral industry

In many parts of the world, the population is ageing at an accelerating rate. Sadly, this means that the funeral industry is booming. Demand for good personnel is stronger than it has ever been.

There are many different roles you could fulfil. You do not necessarily have to personally get involved in putting the dead to rest. Funeral homes, crematoriums, graveyards and places of worship all need a range of support staff. The world’s growing population means that this is an industry that offers reasonable job security as well as opportunities for advancement.

Become an Ocularist

Most people have never heard of an ocularist. They have no idea what one does.

Simply put, they help people who have lost an eye recover from their injury by fitting them with a prosthetic eye. You would think there is not much demand for fake eyes. But, the latest research shows that demand is actually growing by around 8 and 10%, in the Western world.

There is no doubt that it is fulfilling work and a career path that relatively few people would think to follow. You will need to be prepared to travel to get enough work, but, it can provide you with a secure income.

If you like the sounds of working in the medical field and want to stay close to home don’t worry. There are plenty of other jobs you could take on. In many countries, demand for physical therapists, careers, medical assistants and occupational therapists is high. You do need to train to fill these roles, but, often, you do not need a degree to be able to take them on.

If none of the above industries and roles appeals to you, do not worry. There are plenty of other options. To uncover them, the next time you go out, pay a little more attention to what is going on around you. Look at each worker you come across and ask yourself if the job is one that would interest you. Or, simply browse through this list of careers and jobs that are up and coming.