Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

New Player In Temporary E-cruitment Market - 06/2000

Hotrecruit Uses Raunchy Ad Campaign

Claiming to be ìThe Permanent Solution to Temporary Workî, Hotrecruit has launched. The site will offer both local and international temp jobs across a wide range of industry sectors. The site will cater specifically for young people and will reach itís target via partnerships with the likes of and Capital Radio Caf. Hotrecruit aims to target the 40% of students who take up temp work after graduating who contribute to the 900,000 temp works each week.

An unusual, technological addition to the site is a piece of interactive software which will allow employers to ask 3 questions of potential candidates in order to filter out unsuitable respondents. The questions can relate to any subject, from relevant experience or personality, to flexibility or money. Commenting on the range of unusual jobs that the site will cover, company MD Harvey Sinclair said ìHotrecruit is for those that live life and love it.î

In an effort to attract candidates to the service, the site has launched a number of unusual marketing techniques. In addition to supplying a team to clean up monuments in Trafalgar Square, Hotrecruit has utilised some eye-catching, raunchy advertising. A Hotrecruit spokeswoman described these adverts as ìtart cardsî.

Though this method may be questionable on the grounds of good taste, the cards are certainly eye-catching!