Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

Net-Temps launches new tools for analyzing job postings


Net-Temps, the online job board specializing in temporary (contract) and direct placement employees, has introduced a suite of tools in the recruiting center that helps recruiters evaluate the performance of their job postings via statistical measurements. The statistics tell recruiters which postings are getting the most jobseeker visibility and responses. Specifically, recruiters can tell how many times a job has appeared in a jobs search, the number of times it was viewed and how many jobseekers actually applied. A complete list of the applicantsí names is displayed, the date they applied and their linkable email address. The resume can also be viewed if it is still active. With this information recruiters will be better able to analyze which job postings are performing well and which might need changing or updating. All of these tools are provided in one section of the recruiting center for ease of use and quick access.

This information can also help recruiters save time. Now, when the number of resumes being submitted is up significantly, recruiters can see at a glance the applicants and their resumes. To help manage the process further, resumes can be added to the Personal Resume Bank for future review, and emailed and viewed in Microsoft Word.