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Monster snaps up Superbowl advertising - 10/2000

Online recruiters take prime time advertising

Monster.com, the global online career site has announced the purchase of ad space during Super Bowl XXXV, marking the third year in a row that Monster.com has advertised on one of America's most widely-viewed television events. The package includes four 30-second commercials, one each in the first and fourth quarters of the game, and two during the pre-game show. The ad buy is part of the company's continuing aggressive marketing campaign to build the Monster.com brand and part of the estimated $200 million global marketing spend for 2001.
Monster.com provoked thought among millions of Super Bowl viewers last year with a commercial based on an adaptation of Robert Frost's renowned poem, The Road Not Taken. The ad took a serious, yet impactful approach by encouraging job seekers to pursue their career ambitions. Last year's introspective spot followed 1999's award-winning When I Grow Up campaign, which featured real-life kids sharing tongue-in-cheek career aspirations. Both Super Bowl ad spots helped to generate record-breaking site traffic in the days following the event.
Over the past two years, advertising on the Super Bowl has been a proven vehicle for success, helping to bring a record number of job searches and resume submissions to the site, said Peter Blacklow, vice-president of marketing at Monster.com. Next January, we hope to continue to build momentum around the Monster.com brand and make more people aware of the tremendous opportunities that exist through Monster.com.