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MMTV Dominates Interactive Digital Television - 08/2000

Deals Signed With Open And Active Digital

MultiMedia Television, operators of Job-Channel, have covered both bases in their efforts to secure dominance of the Jobs on Digital Television marketplace.

Over the past two years, Job-Channel have been the leading light in the use of alternative media for publishing jobs. MMTV pioneered the use of Teletext for Jobs and is now at the forefront of Jobs via IDTV (Digital Television).

In one move, MMTV have sold 7% of the company to UpMyStreet, local content providers to Skyís Open service. In the second move, Telewest consented to allow MMTV to use its Active Digital platform. Previously, Fish4 had acquired usage rights from Telewest.

This dual move has yet to be matched even by the biggest Internet players. By the end of the year, MMTV should have an unmatched reach of nearly 10 million digital television users.

Michael Deeny, Chairman of MultiMedia Television, commented ìEstablishing strategic relationships with key distribution channels is an integral part of our business development strategyî.

Tony Blin-Stoyle, MD of UpMyStreet, enthused ìMultiMedia Televisionís strong management team and clear understanding of the interactive jobs market in the TV environment has positioned them as a ìmust haveî partner to UpMyStreetî.

In an attempt to unify their offerings, MMTV have commissioned consultancy E-Marketing to re-brand the Jobchannel services.