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Micro J Systems, Inc. announces version 7.5 software

upgrade to ship out December 1, 2002!

Version 7.5 for PcHunter and Tempus Users Arrives in Time for the Holidays, Micro J''s 7th Generation of Excellence Continues!

Micro J Systems, Inc. will begin shipping the newest Micro J software product upgrade, version 7.5, to customers on December 1, 2002. V7.5 contains several new features and enhancements. Such as a new state of the art help system for quick help topics that are explained in a friendly tutorial style. The new help system is context sensitive; help topic for the active window is displayed upon pressing the F1 key command. Material is presented with comprehensive visual cues, and language also includes a special icon to enter the MppOnline secure support site where authorized users have 24-hour access to downloads, white papers and the online FAQ library. Micro J offers these new help features in addition to the toll-free support hotline. For over ten years active Micro J customers have enjoyed a direct connection with live telephone support delivered five days a week by friendly Micro J certified technicians.

Other program advances include, dramatic e-mail enhancements with a new compose message screen, new e-mail tool bar icon, and the ability to link e-mail message content and notes to multiple records for people, job orders, and companies in the database. There is a new visual calendar tool, and one click online address mapping to simplify handing out work assignments or setting interview appointments. And by popular demand, a powerful new company merge utility that easily combines two companies, their employees, plus all relative data and attached documents and search assignments in just a few clicks of the mouse.

In addition, v7.5 introduces a new framework to support optional add-on programs for Micro J''s software. Outlook SNAP is the first modular offering. Compatible with both PcHunter and Tempus, the Outlook SNAP module allows users to create MS Outlook contacts on the fly, and manage an entire group of MS Outlook contacts from a Micro J database contact list. The Outlook SNAP Module is sold separately, available starting December 1, 2002. SNAP details can be found online at

About Micro J Systems Inc.
Since 1987 Micro J has focused solely on the creation and distribution of superior software products for the recruiting and staffing industry. Micro J is a privately held company with over 5,000 licensed users, a leader in the staffing software industry for over fifteen years.