Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

Mexico now second largest market in region - 07/2001


Latest figures from Nielsen NetRatings show that there are now 6.7 million people with home Internet access in Mexico.

This makes Mexico the second largest Internet market in Latin America after Brazil, where 10.4 million people have home Internet access.

Of the total at-home Internet audience in Mexico, 3.3 million actively used the net in April, spending an average of over 8 hours each online during the month.

Over 87 percent of Mexican Internet users visited a search engine or portal site during April, and 80.6 percent visited the sites of telecom companies or Internet providers. Other popular sites were those dealing with hardware, software, and entertainment.

The top five web properties for the month were MSN, Yahoo, AOL Time Warner, Star Media Network, and Microsoft.

Nielsen NetRatings found that Mexican users spend longer online per month than their Brazilian counterparts do. They also visit more sites and view more pages every time they go online. Brazilians are more likely to click on banners, however.