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Matav offers ASDL - 10/2000

Hungary gets high-speed Internet connection

The Hungarian telecommunications company, Matav, launched the country's first high-speed Internet delivery service this week, in a bid to bring Internet access to a wider audience.

Matav has about 60,000 ISDN subscribers and will offer the new ADSL (asymmetric digital subscriber line) technology through its existing ISDN lines, and should offer access at a rate 20 times faster than the current lines.

Hungary has a population of 10 million, and almost 650,000 Internet users, but, according to The Budapest Sun, analysts expect a massive surge in the levels of Internet use in the coming years due to cheaper services and improving living standards.

The new high-speed connection from Matav is a bid to give the telework, and tele-education movement in Hungary more momentum, while also giving greater opportunity to Internet content services, ecommerce, and Internet marketing, according to Matav, in The Budapest Sun.