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Life working in Igaming

It might seem like the dream job we all had when we were teenagers, but with the explosion in popularity of online games in the last decade, this has never been a more viable career.

But what kind of jobs are there out there, who are they looking for, and how can we land one of these prized positions? In this short article, we will give you a quick overview of what the state of the online games job market is like, and how to secure your dream job!

What kind of jobs are there?

Although you might just assume that everyone working in the gaming industry is a games tester of some sort and gets to spend their days playing games, there are a surprisingly diverse number of roles out there in online gaming. In larger companies, there is usually a mix of creative, tech, admin and managerial jobs available.

  • Creative – Creative jobs range from content writers, graphic designers, marketing and communications
  • Tech - From IT administrators to developers
  • Admin - Administrative jobs in gaming include office managers, payroll, and accounting teams
  • Managerial – Managing jobs available can vary from team leaders to heads of departments

Like with any sector there are a large number of differently skilled people needed to keep things moving. That is because many online gaming companies offer a wide range of services from payments processing, game designing to content creation. For example, look at online casino gaming site SuperLenny. To run a successful website like SuperLenny there needs to be a mix of creative, technical, admin and managerial jobs.

What sort of people are they looking for?

As we can see, there is a wide range of positions and roles within the online gaming industry. But what sort of employee are they looking for exactly? Skills wise, it really depends on the role, but there is a definite emphasis on creativity across the industry. Games these days are more than just technical displays, they are a creative outlet with many artistic elements to them. As such, creative skills will be needed in all aspects of the game, from technical design, art direction, script-writers and even the marketing team.

In addition to requiring creative skills, given how international the online games market is these days, individuals with foreign language skills or experience working in an international environment will be highly attractive candidates. Particularly for localisation jobs, where content is translated for various non-English speaking markets, online gaming companies will require candidates with foreign language skills. Localisation jobs are one of the most common vacancies in game development companies, and these positions are highly coveted.

Landing the job

Based on the description above, working in the online gaming industry sounds like an absolute dream! But how exactly do we go about finding one of these dream jobs? A great way of finding jobs in this highly sought-after field is through industry contacts. While developing insider contacts in an online games company might be difficult, just by reaching out to individuals employed in the industry will help get your foot in the door. For example, sending messages via a professional networking website such as LinkedIn is a very common way to build bridges and can help you accrue contacts that you would not otherwise have been able to.

You can also keep up to date with vacancies in the industry using job search websites such as Indeed. Specialist recruitment companies like Pentasia or Betting Connections can also help people find igaming jobs. While it might not be practical to trawl these websites every day, you can set up your account on these websites to send out periodic reminders every few days with an email notifying you of any relevant websites. This is a great resource and makes the job hunt significantly easier!