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Jobshark partners with El Sitio - 10/2000

Latin Americaís new online-employment service

Canadian-based JobShark Corporation, has joined forces with El Sitio, a provider of original interactive content for Spanish and Portuguese speakers and South Americaís leading web portal, to launch JobShark Ibero-America. The company will employ sophisticated recruiting software and technology to provide online employment services in Latin America and Spain.

ìWe are confident that this joint venture will make JobShark Ibero America a leader in the Latin American employee recruitment market, matching our success in Canada where JobShark is the national leader with more than 380,000 members,î says Chris Klotz, CEO, JobShark Corporation.

The company will also have the support of MaST Americas, a premier British human resource consulting group with more than thirty years in the field.

JobShark Ibero-America saves job seekers from continuously having to log on and sort through numerous sources to find the perfect job and saves employers time and money when hiring new employees.