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Jobs & Adverts acquire Virtual Village - 11/2000

Jobs & Adverts acquires recruitment workflow management expert Virtual Village

Jobs & Adverts announces the purchase of Virtual Village Ltd. Virtual Village develops an Internet browser-based human resource recruiting software which is already used by individual recruiters, recruitment agencies and corporate human resources departments throughout Europe.

The solution enables the management of the requisition, recruiting and hiring process for corporations and staffing agencies, across locations and countries, to speed the hiring of superior candidates, in the shortest time, at the lowest cost.

This ASP platform reduces the time to have the service up and running compared to traditional client installed software solutions. The savings for customers in implementing this type of solution can be significant.

The new service will be launched in Germany before year-end and progressively rolled out during the first half of 2001 across 15 other countries in which jobpilot currently operates.

A recent report by Forrester Research supports jobpilots' strategy that the future is in online recruiting - recruitment solutions that combine the use of both online and offline recruiting channels with intelligent, structured sorting of applicants' data as well as internal integration of the HR process inside a company.

Most recruiters still rely on manual processes to demand open positions, scan applications received via the Web and traditional media channels for candidates. The magnitude of responses can be overwhelming and in order to attract the right candidates companies must implement solutions to exploit the power of the Internet to search for and screen qualified candidates. Speed, controlling and efficiency has to be added to the recruiting process.