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Jobpoints with The Employment Service - 12/2001

New, touch sensitive screens available at local Job Centres

The Employment Service's website is a shining example for online recruitment . Since its launch in November 2000, it has become hugely successful with the general public, currently receiving around one million match requests per day, and winning Computing magazine's Awards for Excellence under the 'Best Business Website' category.

The site, which can also be accessed via Jobpoints (new, touch sensitive screens available at local Job Centres), uses a huge Nation-wide database of over 500,000 vacancies and was designed and built by the Employment Service in collaboration with EDS, their systems integrator.

It's well known that the public will only use (and keep on using) this type of facility providing they get a consistently fast and meaningful response to their search requests. And with 500,000 records to search through, that's quite a challenge.

After investigating the available options, EDS chose Elise, a tool provided by the Dutch software company WCC, as a vital piece of the solution.

www.tarragon.co.uk (UK distributor of ELISE)
www.wcc.nl (supplier of ELISE)
www.employmentservice.gov.uk (Employment Service)