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Jobpilot third quarter turnover increases by 248% - 11/2000

10.1m euro deficit of 7.2m euro lower than expected

Jobs & Adverts AG, the creator of jobpilot - Europe's career market on the Internet (jobpilot.com), has continued to enjoy steady growth in the third quarter and has further consolidated its position as one of Europe's leading suppliers of services and products in the area of jobs and careers.

Group net sales were at 10.1 m Euro (second quarter 2000: 7.1 m Euro), an increase of 42%. Compared with the third quarter of 1999 (2.9 m Euro) sales increased by 248%. Turnover in the first nine months of the financial year amounted to a total of 22.3 m Euro, which corresponds to an increase of over 243% on the comparable period in 1999 (6.5 m Euro).

In Germany, jobpilot.de - measured against turnover - is the market leader in the area of online recruitment. Sales revenue increased at home by 196% to 7.7 m Euro compared with 2.6 m Euro in the third quarter of 1999. Compared with the second quarter of 2000, it was possible to increase sales from 5.6 m Euro by 38%. This meant that in Germany in the first nine months of the financial year 2000 a turnover of 17.8 m Euro was achieved. Compared with the same period in 1999 (6.0 m Euro), this corresponds to an increase of 197%.

Group deficit in the third quarter was 7.2 m Euro, compared with 2.6 m Euro in the third quarter of 1999 and 8.4 m Euro in the second quarter of 2000. In the third quarter, Germany achieved a very positive result closing with a surplus of almost 1.3 m Euro.

In the future jobpilot will be positioned even more prominently than before as a service provider along the full recruitment chain. The greatest growth and profit opportunities are to be found in the area of e-recruiting. ìWith the expansion of our information service, jobpilot will build up its long-term commitment to usersî says Dr. Roland Metzger, CEO of Jobs & Adverts AG. This will also increase the number of registrations and job applications, and thereby improve the quality of the databases still further. With its package of different selection services, jobpilot will become more than ever before the preferred and permanent recruiting partner of companies. And the new workflow software will make jobpilot a supplier in the marketplace that is able to offer an innovative and Internet-based software for staff recruitment simultaneously.