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Jobpilot Is Set To Become Hot Property - 04/2000

Parent company to list in Frankfurt

Jobs & Adverts AG, the company behind Jobpilot, plans to launch an IPO on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange's Neuer Markt segment this month. Proceeds from the IPO are intended to finance further expansion.

In February 2000, jobpilot recorded more than 15 million hits (pageviews)
and has nearly 50,000 online job ads. Revenue in 1999 was 10.1 million Euros - more than tripple the previous year leading to an operating profit of 4.8 million Euros.

Dr. Roland Metzger CEO of Jobs & Adverts said we are confident of our ability to pull off a successful launch on the Neuer Markt . The price range for the launch has been set between 35 to 40 Euros and is expected to lead to a market capitalisation of between 452 - 516 million Euros.