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Jobpilot appoints new manager - 10/2000

Internet pioneer takes the reigns

Jobpilot, Europeís unlimited career market on the Internet (www.jobpilot.com), has appointed Chantal Debizet as new country manager of jobpilot France.

Chantal Debizet, 42 joins jobpilot from AOL France. She is one of the true internet pioneers in France, as she has been one of the founders of the french AOL subsidary in 1995. Since then, she has worked as director for marketing for the company. Debizet graduated from the leading french business school ESSEC and received an MBA from Harvard.

France is jobpilotís biggest market in Europe after Germany. The french subsidary now has 56 employees and has just moved to new offices in Boulogne. In the french market, jobpilot is a clear number one in terms of number of job ads currently more than 8000 - and number two with regard to revenues. The goal is to become number one in every criteria, says Chantal Debizet.