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JobNavigator - 08/2000

South Africa's premier e-recruitment web site

JobNavigator is South Africa's premier e-recruitment web site that makes finding a job quicker, more confidential and your searching is not
restricted by office hours. This free service provides a guided tour
to writing your CV and their patented technology statistically matches
your CV to up-to-minute jobs.
Finding the right people for the right job is big business these
days - and has escalated into the global space with the onset of
sites. These sites provide an opportunity for candidates to put up
their CVs and the mechanism for recruitment agencies and companies to
search these CVs for potential employees. Alongside travel and auction
websites, these e-businesses are the fastest growing on the web.
South Africa is right on par with the rest of the world when it
comes to e-recruitment sites. And the most established site is JobNavigator.
It offers a variety of targeted services amongst a plethora of sites
that mass market to candidates and agencies. JobNavigator focuses on
niche areas - IT, Finance, Engineering, Sales, Marketing, Media and
Administration. Their strategic vision is to move into a new market, understand the complexities and then service that market.
The JobNavigator site is personalised and job searches and matches
are tailor-made according to candidate's individual skills. Part of
JobNavigator's strategy is the development of a unique 'fuzzy logic'
matching technology. This ensures that matching the right job to the
right person is done efficiently and accurately. As an added
individuals who have registered their CV on the website are
informed, via email, of the latest, hottest jobs available.

JobNavigator provides a free service to all candidates who wish to
their CV on the site. Agencies then pay to access matched CVs. This
done within a strict privacy policy which can be viewed on the
JobNavigator site.

Make your career happen right now - go to JobNavigator