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Jobline Launches IPO - 09/2000

European E-cruiter Goes Public

Jobline, one of the leading e-crutiers has launched an initial public offering following news of reaching the 500,000 registered candidates milestone. Having secured 500,000 signed-up jobseekers toward the end of July, Jobline has continued growth and development concentrating on offering ASP and WAP solutions.

The listing announcement, in Stockholm, came as no surprise to industry analysts. Following close on the heels of other pan-Europeans such as Jobpilot and Stepstone, the IPO will bring another seemingly successful e-business to market. Toon Bouten, CEO of Jobline, commented, ìOur goal is to be a leading provider of Online Professional Search services to our clients through our focus on candidates search and delivery. We aim to provide a comprehensive serviceî.