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JobBankUSA.com lends a hand - 01/2001


National e-cruiting network JobBankUSA.com, Fernandina Beach FL, is donating more than $700,000 of outplacement services to employees laid off by Raytheon Co., Lexington MA. To grab these active job seekers, JobBankUSA.com set up a special website for Raytheon employees at www.jobbankusa.com/raytheon/. From there, Raytheon employees are encouraged to access the company's resume distribution service at a 56% discount from regular rates. Employees are asked to select the fields and geographical locations where they would like to be considered for positions. Employees can then view the number of employers to whom their resumes will be sent. Upon resume submission, a list of employers is sent to the employee via e-mail. While JobBankUSA.com is donating up to $700,000, the company also is looking for matching funds from Raytheon and other corporations who would like to assist.
Cyber crime
According to research from Gartner Group, criminals in the US can exploit the Internet with little fear of being caught, as law-enforcement agencies receive little funding to address cyber crime.

Gartner's research showed that almost all (97 percent) law-enforcement funding for computer-related crimes is spent on 300 federal officers, less than 0.1 percent of the country's law-enforcement staff. Gartner predicts that funding to combat cyber crime will not exceed 1 percent of the total law-enforcement budget for the next four years. During that period, the economic value of cyber crime is expected to increase by 1000 percent.