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Job hunters: Make the most of the lowest unemployment rates since 1975

Figures from the Office for National Statistics recently revealed that unemployment rates are currently at their lowest since 1975 at just 4.5% in the run up to May of this year.

After some tumultuous years following the economic recession, these promising figures indicate that now is the time to be job-searching. Vitally, this also suggests that wages should begin to rise and that it will become increasingly difficult for shoddy employers to hold on to their workforce, as employees will seek better jobs.

It’s vital for job-hunters to sell themselves on their applications to make the most of these opportunities. ‘DYWAJ – Do You Want A Job?’ are experts when it comes to CVs, their online service allows employers to find candidates via intelligent searches of hundreds of thousands of CVs online. Here are CEO Darren Diamond’s top tips:

What to leave off your CV

When employment is high, businesses are looking for the very best candidates to fill any vacant positions. This means you should carefully tailor what you include and what you leave off your CV!

Uncertainty about your career

It may sound obvious, but it’s astounding how many CVs show uncertainty about the job path and career they are embarking on. With such huge pools of applicants, employers will only choose those who seem genuinely interested in the opportunity. Ensure you make sense of every step in your career progression, bringing together any relevant experience from each, while explaining why your skills and interests perfectly fit the role.

Lack of confidence in your abilities

Employers are looking for someone with the self-assurance to work independently. Therefore you shouldn’t express a lack of confidence relating to the key aspects of the role. When it comes to the interview, it’s fine to say where your weaknesses lie, but don’t do yourself an injustice by emphasising your shortcomings.

Unimportant jobs from ten years ago

Your CV shouldn’t be a personal autobiography of every job you’ve had since you left school. You should see it as a marketing document which is revised and rewritten until perfect.  It’s fine to leave aspects of your life history out as this will place more emphasis on the important parts.  

Failures or weaknesses in academic achievements

While it’s vital that you’re honest about your achievements on your CV, you don’t have to list every low grade or failed module. Many employers will be more interested in your experience than academic achievements, so don’t bring their attention to your educational weaknesses.

What to do if you’re lacking experience

If you’re applying for a role you don’t have a lot of direct work experience for, make the most of your other qualities such as skills, attitude and enthusiasm.

Identify other aspects which qualify you for the position

Paid experience isn’t all that counts when it comes to your CV. Think outside the box and the confines of the job title for other experience you can talk about.  Consider any relevant voluntary work, placements, projects or extracurricular activities that can be highlighted.

Be honest about your skills

Talk about your skills honestly and sensibly. The employer won’t expect you do be a genius or expert at this point, so provide plenty of examples of when you have demonstrated transferrable skills. Remember that employers are usually more interested in what you can do than what you have done previously.

Don’t overdo it

If you’re lacking relevant work experience, it can be tempting to fill your CV with long sentences, rambling paragraphs and excessive detail. Don’t fall into this trap! It’s best to keep your CV to a maximum of two pages and to stay focused throughout. 

If you’re considering a change of job or are looking to embark on your dream career, now is the time. Make the most of the skills and experience you do have and, most importantly, don’t undersell yourself!

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