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JimFinder.com links up with WebSalvo - 04/2001

Posts in manufacturing & engineering sectors

Launched in September 2000, JimFinder.com Ltd is a specialist recruitment website focusing on recruiting candidates for posts in the manufacturing and engineering sectors. It has recently involved high-tec ASP, WebSalvo, in the development of an additional job posting solution which integrates with their website with the aim of providing improved client service and efficient processing of the best quality candidates for vacancies.

Simon Devitt, managing director of JimFinder.com Ltd, comments: I am delighted that WebSalvo worked with us to produce a truly effective job posting solution which did not compromise on the issue of integration and functionality and minimised hassle to us and to our customers.
Marc Hendrickse, the operations director of WebSalvo, is glad to be involved with the JimFinder.com Ltd recruitment initiative. They are good people to work with, he explains. They are operating in fast moving sectors where the best use of technology can speed and ease the placement of jobseekers in the right jobs. We are pleased to be working with them on this important project.