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IT employment trend guide - 01/2001


JOBSTATS is a website that provides a detailed, reliable and up-to-date analysis of employment trends in the IT industry.

The JOBSTATS website - located at www.jobnet.com.au/jobstats - enables visitors to find out exactly what's in demand - and what isn't - when it comes to jobs in IT. The service provides detailed and easy-to-understand information on a range of IT employment categories including Programming Languages, Operating Systems, Scripting Languages, Databases and Internet Technologies.

It breaks down employment trends by capital city, enabling users to discover which locations offer the best and worst IT career prospects.

Traditional employment indexes do not take into account the multifaceted nature of today's IT industry and are virtually useless as a career planning tool, said Kim Scott, managing director of JOBNET. With the release of this new service, IT professionals can easily find out precisely what sections of the IT job market are growing and which are shrinking.

JOBSTATS has been endorsed by the Australian Computer Society (ACS): The service will be a very valuable resource for the IT industry and we congratulate JOBNET on the job its done in creating this excellent site, said Mr Dennis Furini, chief executive officer of the ACS.