Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

Internet Law - Beware Of Cookies - 03/2000

Keeble Hawson Warns Of The Dangers

We have said previously in a number of our seminars that there are dangers in using pro-active Internet tools, such as cookies to build up profiles of individual users.

For those not familiar with the term, a cookie is something sent via a website to the user's computer and helps the website and the computer talk to each other about your preferences when you return.

The US on-line advertising company Doubleclick, are facing action in California for collecting information via cookies without the prior consent of Internet users. We have been advising our clients to make sure that they protect themselves from this type of litigation if they use cookies by being open about their use on their site and incorporating their cookie policy in their on-site disclaimer or access agreement. The Doubleclick action seems to show the importance of that advice and it may well be that a number of organisations will need to redraw their website disclaimers as a result.